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What we do

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8sole Training

Raptor Mask Training

Piro AFO/SMO Training




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Foot Orthotics

Protective Face Mask

Pediatric AFO / SMO

Protective Orthosis

Our Products

Bringing the training to you

We have developed online training for our orthotic equipment and continue to improve and refine these as our product areas continue to develop.


We’re committed to continual product improvement and continual education and we have an online service which lets our clinicians know of the changes and improvements that we make to our products on a real time basis.

invent platform training

Access to both 8Sole & Piro training

Our training pages are secured and encrypted via Amazon cloud to give you all the security you need to create and manage your account

Our digital training platform helps users select various modules for them to learn how to best use our products with their patients.

Every users account is tailored to their specific needs to best allow trainers to help you get the best training you need.

Monitor your progress against a variety of metrics for both you and your trainer to track your progress.

Training made right for each product

For each product, there’s a fully integrated, certificated series of training videos. Each series takes you through assessment, scanning and configuring your patient specific products and we offer full support to all of our clients.

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