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    LEADING UK PROVIDER OF 3D PRINTED ORTHOTIC PRODUCTS 8sole Training Coming Soon Raptor Mask Training Coming Soon Piro AFO/SMO Training Coming Soon Training Events Learn More Blogs Learn More Official Podcast Learn More News What we do Learn More Our team Learn More About Foot Orthotics Learn More Learn More Protective Face Mask Learn More Pediatric AFO / SMO Learn More Protective Orthosis Our Products Welcome to 3D Ortho Pro We offer Clinicians all the training and support they need to successfully integrate award winning products into your practice. Learn more The most advanced protection mask for athletes. Learn More The most advanced protection mask for athletes. Learn More Learn more Meet the thinnest and lightest AFO and SMO. Learn More Learn more Meet the thinnest and lightest AFO and SMO. Design Focused On Biomechanics Learn more As Featured on

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    Upcoming Events 07 Thu Jul Royal College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2022 / Liverpool Details 07 Jul, 08:00 BST – 09 Jul, 18:00 BST Liverpool, King's Dock, Port of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK 3D Ortho Pro will have our own stand at the Royal College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2022 Share What we do Learn More Our team Learn More About 8sole Training Coming Soon Raptor Mask Training Coming Soon Piro AFO/SMO Training Coming Soon Training Events Learn More Blogs Learn More Official Podcast Learn More News Foot Orthotics Learn More Learn More Protective Face Mask Learn More Pediatric AFO / SMO Learn More Protective Orthosis Our Products

  • TiMBandAir Protect | Protective Orthosis | 3D Orthotic Products

    TiMBandAir Protect Now Available! Foot Orthotics Learn More Learn More Protective Face Mask Learn More Pediatric AFO / SMO Learn More Protective Orthosis Our Products What we do Learn More Our team Learn More About 8sole Training Coming Soon Raptor Mask Training Coming Soon Piro AFO/SMO Training Coming Soon Training Events Learn More Blogs Learn More Official Podcast Learn More News TiMBandAir Protect The most advanced custom protective orthosis for patients with epilepsy or after craniectomy. It is 3D printed, based on a 3D scan and offers unparalleled comfort and breathability. ​ Contact us today First Name Last Name Email Company Message Submit Thanks for submitting! 35% Decrease Tests with TiMbandAir Protect against a foam and leather protective helmet has shown a significant decrease, which reduces the chance of concussion and injury. Protect your head with TiMBand Air Protect Who is TiMband Air Protect for? TiMband Air Protect is designed to protect people who are epileptic and have uncontrolled drop fits or to minimise the effects of self-harming behaviours with all round head protection to account for any unforeseen circumstances. Benefits of TiMband Air Protect TiMband Air Protect Rigid. Lightweight and ventilated, the rigid version is made to protect the brain and cranial structures of people who have had a craniectomy (removal of part of the skull) and can be indicated for immediate post op or for longer term use where reconstruction is contraindicated. Rigid and lightweight Ventilated Easy to clean Quality Guaranteed and tested TiMband Air Protect Flex. Is lightweight and ventilated, easy to clean and is designed to protect people who are epileptic and have uncontrolled drop fits or to minimise the effects of self-harming behaviours. Proven to reduce the G forces by up to 35 % in comparison to other protective helmet types the Flex helmet gives all day long advanced protection. Completely Bespoke TiMband Air Protect is individually made to exactly fit each person who needs head protection for whatever reason. Coming in two versions, rigid and semi flexible it is designed to meet the needs of every person who needs head protection in their daily life.

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  • NBA Player Juwan Gary's Extraordinary Return After Injury

    Injuries are common in the NBA. Players often collide with one another, fall to the ground and twist an ankle. However, for Juwan Gary, his injury was much more severe. In a game against the LSU on January 19, Gary took an elbow to the face. This would force him to miss nearly two games as result. But what makes Gary's story so extraordinary is his return to the court after wearing a protective face mask. What mask does Juwan Gary use? Juwan Gary is now wearing his Raptor Mask both to his practises and games whilst representing Alabama. Gary's mask is a custom-fit design that helps to protect his nose and cheekbones. Gary's Raptor Mask is made using a 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. Most clinician's use 3D scanning technology like the Artec Eva which is used for a variety of applications like healthcare, industrial design and manufacturing and more. This scanner is incredibly accurate as its 16fps, 0.2mm high 3d resolution and 1.3mpx texture resolution are some of the industries most advanced technology which would of helped make sure that Juwan Gary's face was captured accurately to help 3D print his custom made mask. Juwan Gary massive comeback victory with Raptor Mask Basketball player Jaden Shackelford would later comment on the return of Juwan Gary that "everybody knows how much he means to our team. He’s one of our glue guys, if not the biggest glue guy on our team. He does all the blue-collar stuff. He’s a really vital part of our team. He makes us go, so it was good to have him back out there." It is with this that the Raptor Protection mask remained a key part of the players return to the game as fellow athletes in the NBA and other sports are typically side-lined after injuries to help reduce the likelihood of further injuries. Raptor Mask was originally designed to help players get back to the game sooner without having to miss more games and promotes recovery within practises. The NBA and its history with sport protection mask Make no mistake, Juwan Gary is not the only player in the game to sustain an injury that would lead to a sports protection mask. High profile players like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have all worn a protection mask after sustaining injuries. Whether it is for the right precautions or to really help make sure further instances were avoided which may be a result of: Facial fractures Facial lacerations Other facial injuries The new protective masks in the NBA have been a huge success. They offer more protection and allow players to return to the game sooner than before. As Juwan Gary has shown, these masks can also help players perform at a high level and contribute to their team's success. Raptor Protection is quickly becoming the go-to protective mask for many NBA players. With its custom fit and advanced design, the Raptor Mask is helping players like Juwan Gary make a successful return to the court after sustaining an injury.

  • What do we know about sagittal plane stiffness of AFOs?

    Following the recent publication of the paper “Comparison of Sagittal Plane Stiffness of Nonarticulated Pediatric Ankle-Foot Orthoses Designed to be Rigid” by Fatone et al I wanted to share a summary of what the article tells us. As clinicians prescribing orthoses, the stiffness is vitally important for our prescriptions to achieve their goals. Understanding what we are trying to control allows us to choose materials that will exert an external force onto a person and influence a particular movement pattern. Link to paper When prescribing orthoses what do we take into consideration before we can think about material stiffness? Diagnosis, age, weight, range of motion, muscle tone and what we want the orthosis to do. The materials available to us have evolved over time from traditional leather or metal orthoses to homo and copolymers, silicone, dynamic elastomeric fabrics, carbon composites and now nylons because we can 3D print. The take home points from the paper are; All AFOs will deform to some extent under sufficient load Rigid AFOs are designed to resist peak plantarflexion and dorsiflexion loads Comparison of AFO stiffness between USA and UK manufacturers to establish thresholds for AFO-FC algorithms 9 AFOs were used (image 1). 6 from the UK and 3 from the USA. All made from polypropylene of varying thickness (3-5mm) for patients with cerebral palsy or spina bifida. 2 USA AFOs in design B and 1 design C. UK AFOs 2 represented in all 3 design categories: Design A – fixed ankle free MTPJs Design B – fixed ankle with fixed MTPJs Design C – Fixed ankle, fixed MTPJs and anterior tibial shell Various unique design features for each AFO are described in table 1 (see paper) Overall UK AFOs were found to be stiffer than the USA AFOs, with comparable stiffnesses in design group B What does this mean? This is the baseline data required for creating further evidence about stiffness characteristics of paediatric AFOs. It would be great to see if future papers can tell us about variation in stiffness between different materials and thicknesses. Additionally, what certain design features like ribs, carbon inserts, trimline design and materials contribute to AFO stiffness and how much. This would allow us to more accurately design our AFO prescriptions. Furthermore, the authors suggest that further investigation into AFO stiffness in other planes at the ankle and at other joints is a logical next step. What does this mean in relation to 3D Printing? The clear benefits of 3D printing show us that we can create the same prescription with less weight and less material in much more environmentally friendly way and create more aesthetically acceptable designs. Piro is not just an AFO, but a digital workflow that allows the clinician to be in complete control of the design. The end result is an elegant orthosis.

  • Why Do Athletes Wear Face Guards During Games After an Injury?

    From professional athletes like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and other athletes in the NBA, hockey, football, baseball and more. All these players wore face guards in response to a new or existing injury that required protection so that they could keep on playing. A facial injury is any injury to the facial area, such as a broken nose. The facial injuries may be severe enough to break bones and cause bleeding in the facial tissues. These facial injuries can also cause loss of teeth or damage to the sinuses, eyes, and other sensitive structures that are located within this region of the body. Most athletes and professionals wear sports protection guard masks in response to a new injury that they are recovering from because it protects them against another potential facial injury. Reasons behind wearing a Sports Face Guard If facial injuries are not treated properly then the injury could become worse and cause other issues. In addition, facial injuries may take a long time to heal which would make it difficult for athletes to return to the sports they love. Wearing a sports protection mask or face guard can help everyday users and athletes get back to the game or help support them in getting back to training in the respective fields. Are Facial Guards Mandatory in Sports? There are different rules and guidelines about facial protection around the world, depending on where you play or which body governs that sport. The decision is ultimately up to the governing body of each individual game as well as their team coach/manager & medical staff who will decide whether they want players to play with facial protection or without facial protection. Why don't we see more Players in different Sports use a Face Guard? There is a stigma around facial protection in sports. Players who use face guards are seen as weaker, unable to handle hits and harder to play with by teammates or competitors. In addition, there is a lot of red tape around the use of face guards or sports protection masks as different bodies who represent these sports can reference this equipment as hazardous to other players in a close contact sport like Rugby. Despite this, many players with the medical advisors seek sports protection masks to help players during the initial healing stages after initial injury. 3D Ortho Pro recently supplied our own Raptor Mask to Ratu Tagive who plays for the Glasgow Warriors in Rugby (read more here). Do face Guards Affect the Performance of Players? 3D Ortho Pro in 2021 interviewed Samuel Ward who is a hockey player that played for Great Britain in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics where he used our face guard and he concluded that whilst others always referenced him wearing the mask, it soon became second nature and did not affect his games. He later would comment on the fact that he has also been hit on the mask at certain times and it has provided him with the necessary protection he would expect. Again, many sports organizations have strict guidelines around facial protection in contact games like Rugby and American Football due to the physicality between each other on the field. This is due to the facial masks being a potential hazard in these games. What are the Benefits of Wearing a Sports Face Guard? There are many benefits of wearing a facial mask in contact sports. Most facial injuries take time to heal and the facial masks provide protection during this period so that players can get back on the field or court as soon as possible without worrying about re-injury. It also protects against traumatic facial injuries which could be caused by another player, puck, ball, stick or other equipment. This facial mask can provide protection against another injury that could potentially be more severe than the initial facial injury if it is not treated immediately and with care. Wearing a face guard also helps players to get back into their normal daily routines while they are recovering from these facial injuries as well as protecting them from potential facial injuries. Where can I get a Sports Face Guard? 3D Ortho Pro has spent years developing the most advanced protection mask for athletes. It has been applied to users across football, baseball, NBA, hockey, MLB, WWE and many other sports to ensure its fit for purpose and guarantees the protection that athletes require. If you are looking to get your hands on Raptor Mask, follow the information below and we will help you.

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