Raptor Mask

The new and improved protection mask for athletes designed to give you an edge on the field.

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You train. You sweat, and when the time for competition arrives you focus all of your energy into leaving everything out on that field in order to win--even if it means sacrificing yourself after sustaining an injury which could've been prevented with just a little more care beforehand! But now there's this new 3D printed Raptor Mask: The Most Advanced Face Protective Masks For Sports That Will Enable You To Return Quickly & Without Compromises


Custom made Raptor mask

The Ultimate Sports Protection Mask

Whether you're passionate about football, hockey, basketball or handball; we have the perfect mask for your sport. Custom designed by our team of professional athletes and designers to fit 100% uniquely on each person's face.

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Mask Side
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full side model
Front side

Raptor was created as protection during injury recovery periods in post-surgery states like facial fractures/breaks (including nose), collisions with an opponent where one may suffer concussions resulting from blows to head etc., preventing future injuries whilst playing contact sports which require great skill levels such football American football Gaelic Football, Hockey, Lacrosse Rugby Union

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Listen to an athlete who uses Raptor Mask

Samuel Ward

Hockey Player for Great Britain


The new Raptor Mask has been put through its paces, with dozens of prototypes created and tested. The strength is maximized while protecting the user's delicate face from harm!

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Light as a Feather

The lightweight and breathable design of the mask is perfect for comfort.

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Your Raptor mask is designed to fit comfortably and securely, without interrupting your field of vision.

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Get back to your game. Find the nearest Raptor provider today and get your very own sports protection mask.

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