The future of sports face masks

The most advanced
protection mask for athletes.

Raptor Mask


The design of the mask is thin and light for comfort.


Dozens of prototypes have been created and tested to achieve the maximum strength and protection.


Your Raptor mask will not interfere with your field of vision.

Tailor made for your patients.

Football. Basketball. Handball. Rugby. Hockey Whatever your passion, we have you covered. We will create a custom designed Raptor mask 100% specific to your face and sport.

Raptor is made for athletes’ protection while suffering facial fractures, recovering in post-surgery states, and preventing injury in contact sports.

Easy-to-use operation to get high quality scans of your patients.

Form a simple scan, we individually configure and create a protective face masks for your patients.


Each face is so different that ready made masks just don't have the necessary fit to adequately relieve where required.


Whether it's to prevent injury or to protect after injury or surgery, Raptor Mask is the answer


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