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Why Do Athletes Wear Face Guards During Games After an Injury?

Samuel Ward Wearing Face Guard

From professional athletes like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and other athletes in the NBA, hockey, football, baseball and more. All these players wore face guards in response to a new or existing injury that required protection so that they could keep on playing.

A facial injury is any injury to the facial area, such as a broken nose. The facial injuries may be severe enough to break bones and cause bleeding in the facial tissues. These facial injuries can also cause loss of teeth or damage to the sinuses, eyes, and other sensitive structures that are located within this region of the body.

Most athletes and professionals wear sports protection guard masks in response to a new injury that they are recovering from because it protects them against another potential facial injury.

Reasons behind wearing a Sports Face Guard

If facial injuries are not treated properly then the injury could become worse and cause other issues. In addition, facial injuries may take a long time to heal which would make it difficult for athletes to return to the sports they love.