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What is Overpronation? Find Out How Insoles Can Help

Photo of athletes running in race

You might not have heard of overpronation, but it can cause orthotic insoles to be necessary for certain people. In this blog post, we are going to talk about what overpronation is and how orthotics work in general. We will also go into detail on why orthotic insoles may help with your pain or discomfort.

Knowing what overpronation means is tough enough, but knowing the cause and how to fix it is even tougher. Don't worry though--we're here to help you with both!

The first thing that many people don't know about overpronation is that it's not just something that happens in runners; a lot of non-runners experience it too.

Here are some of the basics surrounding overpronation:

Properly aligning your foot during the course of a walk or run can reduce pain and other medical problems, including arch collapse. This is often accomplished with shoe inserts that correct overpronation by only profiting medial-compressed feet, not by correcting general alignment.

Installing a high-quality insole into your footwear can improve overpronation and provide better alignment. A quality insole should have an arch which is the same as your feet, to help with pain relief.