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The Different Types of AFOs

Piro AFO types

An Ankle Foot Orthosis, or AFO for short, is a medical device that can be used throughout your life. It is designed to protect the ankle and foot from injury. There are many different types of AFOs available on the market today.

Some are made specifically for children while others can be worn by adults who have certain disabilities or health conditions such as arthritis. If you’re not sure what type of ankle foot orthosis will work best with your lifestyle, feel free to consult with an expert!

What Are Ankle Foot Orthotics Used For?

An ankle foot orthosis can be used for various medical reasons. Some of the most common conditions that call for AFOs are cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and nerve injuries to name a few. Ankle foot orthotics may also be prescribed by your physical therapist if you’ve had an injury or surgery on your ankle or foot.

AFO Orthotics help by:

  • Help keep joints in proper alignment.