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Ratu Tagive Uses Raptor Mask After Injury

Ratu Tagive kicking the rugby ball

We are so happy to be working with Ratu Tagive who is a rugby player for the Glasgow Warriors. He sustained a fractured cheek during his game and was wearing our protective raptor face mask to help protect himself from further injury. Ratu has been seen running around on the field, chasing down players and tackling them hard, all while wearing his new protective gear!

Ratu Tagive's Injury

Rattu Tagive was struck in the face by Mike Browns knee and suffered a fractured cheek as part of his team's narrow loss. This was unfortunate as Ratu dived in on a loose ball. As a result, the Glasgow warriors will be left without their winger for a few months as a result of the injury and until Ratu goes through an operation to see the outcome of the injury, the team won't know how long it will take for him to heal up completely.

Ratu Tagive holding a rugby ball

As a result, Ratu Tagive is now wearing his Raptor Mask after reaching out to 3D Ortho Pro to get a scan for his face so that we could prepare a protection mask for him to use during his practises. As seen below, one of our representatives went to the Glasgow training grounds to present Ratu Tagive with his new Raptor protection mask . Ratu Tagive is happy to be able to continue playing at high levels without compromising his safety during these practises.

Wearing a Protective Face Mask in Rugby

Samuel Ward wearing Raptor Mask

Unlike other sports like football and hockey where Samuel Ward who is another professional athlete that uses our Raptor Mask for his games, the rugby union is still considering Ratu's case for him to use his protective mask as it could be seen as an issue as it could represent a risk to other players who may collide with a player who uses this protection mask.

Because of this, even helmets are not worn in rugby. The majority of rugby players wear no protection at all. A foam padded headgear called a scrum cap is permitted, but it provides little security due to lack of jaw protection and thin, soft padding.

As Glasgow's assistant coach Peter Murchie mentioned; “It is a blow for him because he was playing really well up until that point and it was just one of those innocuous things that can happen in a game where he’s just caught someone and it has had a major impact.”

We look forward to seeing how Ratu performs in the future with his new Raptor Mask.


Physical safety is key for professional athletes. This is why we’re proud to share the story of Ratu Tagive, a rugby player for the Glasgow Warriors who was recently given our protective raptor face mask after he sustained a fractured cheek.

The Raptor Mask is engineered with lightweight materials that are designed to mimic human skin and withstand impacts from high-speed collisions seen in contact sports like football or rugby without sacrificing protection.

If you’re a professional athlete in need of protection, contact us today!