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Ratu Tagive Uses Raptor Mask After Injury

Ratu Tagive kicking the rugby ball

We are so happy to be working with Ratu Tagive who is a rugby player for the Glasgow Warriors. He sustained a fractured cheek during his game and was wearing our protective raptor face mask to help protect himself from further injury. Ratu has been seen running around on the field, chasing down players and tackling them hard, all while wearing his new protective gear!

Ratu Tagive's Injury

Rattu Tagive was struck in the face by Mike Browns knee and suffered a fractured cheek as part of his team's narrow loss. This was unfortunate as Ratu dived in on a loose ball. As a result, the Glasgow warriors will be left without their winger for a few months as a result of the injury and until Ratu goes through an operation to see the outcome of the injury, the team won't know how long it will take for him to heal up completely.

Ratu Tagive holding a rugby ball