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NBA Player Juwan Gary's Extraordinary Return After Injury

Juwan Gary wearing Raptor Mask
Alabama Athletics

Injuries are common in the NBA. Players often collide with one another, fall to the ground and twist an ankle. However, for Juwan Gary, his injury was much more severe. In a game against the LSU on January 19, Gary took an elbow to the face.

This would force him to miss nearly two games as result. But what makes Gary's story so extraordinary is his return to the court after wearing a protective face mask.

What mask does Juwan Gary use?

Juwan Gary wearing Raptor Mask
Alabama Athletics

Juwan Gary is now wearing his Raptor Mask both to his practises and games whilst representing Alabama. Gary's mask is a custom-fit design that helps to protect his nose and cheekbones. Gary's Raptor Mask is made using a 3D scanning and 3D printing technology.

Scanning face for Raptor Mask

Most clinician's use 3D scanning technology like the Artec Eva which is used for a variety of applications like healthcare, industrial design and manufacturing and more. This scanner is incredibly accurate as its 16fps, 0.2mm high 3d resolution and 1.3mpx texture resolution are some of the industries most advanced technology which would of helped make sure that Juwan Gary's face was captured accurately to help 3D print his custom made mask.

Juwan Gary massive comeback victory with Raptor Mask

Basketball player Jaden Shackelford would later comment on the return of Juwan Gary that "everybody knows how much he means to our team. He’s one of our glue guys, if not the biggest glue guy on our team. He does all the blue-collar stuff. He’s a really vital part of our team. He makes us go, so it was good to have him back out there."

ESPN presenter showing off Raptor Mask

It is with this that the Raptor Protection mask remained a key part of the players return to the game as fellow athletes in the NBA and other sports are typically side-lined after injuries to help reduce the likelihood of further injuries. Raptor Mask was originally designed to help players get back to the game sooner without having to miss more games and promotes recovery within practises.

The NBA and its history with sport protection mask

lebron james and Kobe Bryant wearing face mask

Make no mistake, Juwan Gary is not the only player in the game to sustain an injury that would lead to a sports protection mask. High profile players like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have all worn a protection mask after sustaining injuries.

Whether it is for the right precautions or to really help make sure further instances were avoided which may be a result of:

  • Facial fractures

  • Facial lacerations

  • Other facial injuries

The new protective masks in the NBA have been a huge success. They offer more protection and allow players to return to the game sooner than before. As Juwan Gary has shown, these masks can also help players perform at a high level and contribute to their team's success.

Raptor Protection is quickly becoming the go-to protective mask for many NBA players. With its custom fit and advanced design, the Raptor Mask is helping players like Juwan Gary make a successful return to the court after sustaining an injury.