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I Have Flat Feet, How Do I Pick the Best Insoles?

With so many foot orthotics on the market, it’s so difficult to know which one will work best to help you to relieve the pain and instability of flat feet and heel pain.

Most large high street stores will have a small range of heel pads and ready made insoles that you can slip into your shoes and these can help but for many people, they just don’t give enough control in the heel or mid foot and you really should see a Podiatrist or Orthotist who have been taught and understand the very complex biomechanics of the foot in walking or running.

Your clinician will undertake a biomechanical assessment which looks not just at your feet, but the whole kinetic chain from the spine, through the pelvis, hips, knees and ankles to your foot and from this will develop a prescription which will relieve your problems.

There are two main routes that your clinician can take to help you with a foot insole

If your problems are acute and temporary, a simple ready made orthotic insert, maybe with an additional wedge might be all that you need.

For more complex or chronic, long term problems your clinician will probably recommend custom made foot orthotics which are specifically made for you to a scan, cast or impression of your foot.

Once this decision has been made, there are several types of orthotics that can be offered.

These can be the traditional moulded orthotic, either foam or carbon fibre that’s heat moulded onto a cast of your foot impression; a milled orthotic that’s created on the screen and then carved out of a solid block of plastic foam; or what is becoming available now, 3D printed foot orthotics.