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3D Ortho Pro Launches Piro

Updated: Apr 11

Piro AFO & SMO

3D Ortho Pro is delighted to announce the launch of our new ankle-foot orthoses (AFO) and spinal mobility orthoses (SMO) for both end-users who want to get these ankle-foot orthoses for their children and practices in the UK who are looking to adopt this new ankle foot orthoses into their own clinics.

This new AFO and SMO offer a superior fit, stability, ease of use, and comfort for children and we are confident that the future adopters will embrace our new design to help benefit those who need it most.

Piro is an advanced 3D printed AFO and SMO that uses the latest 3D scanning technology combined with the latest 3D printing technology with HP. Piro is a single piece ankle-foot orthosis and spinal mobility orthoses that provides stability for children who have foot drop, Tetraplegia or Cerebral Palsy.

Who Would Use Piro?