Your child deserves the best. Meet the thinnest and lightest AFO and SMO.

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For children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions, an AFO or SMO is a life-changing tool that can help them live more independently. 

Piro is the best, most comfortable AFO and SMO available. It's not just about how it looks- its 3D scanning technology offers unparalleled comfort for your child

Piro Types

We all have different needs and it is important to find the right product for you. We offer five base types of Piro, which can be tweaked with further configuration to fit what your child needs most out of this world!

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Why you should consider using Piro

Piro is a new system that has been developed to provide more comfort for patients with foot problems. With the help of our engineers, we've reduced weight by up 70% and made them even lighter than before!

For those with tiny feet, it's time to get excited! Piro has been designed with your shoes in mind.

Piro is revolutionary in both design and technology. The breathability of the material allows air to circulate, while also being lightweight enough for all day wear - perfect for your active lifestyles!

Piro AFO SMO Logo

Piro is a groundbreaking orthosis that will change the future of mobility for your child.

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