Frequently asked questions

What is your delivery time?

Our turnaround time from order to delivery to your clinic is 10 working days.

Can I return the products for alteration?

We have full automation in manufacture and what you order is what we deliver. If you need a different prescription, a new order must be made.

Can the 8sole be modified in clinic?

The 8sole is heat mouldable. Please note, that any alterations to our manufactured products will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

How durable is the 8sole orthotic shell?

We’ve tested the 8sole with over 1 million repetitions of full body weight and there has been no deterioration or deformation of the shell. All of our products use the same material.

Can we get a volume discount?

Our orthotics are very competitively priced and we use a simple pricing policy. One price, whatever the additions, but we’re always open to discussion for large volumes.

What is the warranty period?

For 8sole the warranty period is 6 months if the product is used as directed in the user manual.

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