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With 8sole foot orthotics, you can take your company to the next level in both marketing and process.

8sole is Award Winning

The 8sole team was recently announced as a recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award for their innovative 3D printed design. The competition is among some of the world’s most high profile design competitions, and has been held since 1957 with over 6000 entries from 55 countries chosen each year to receive this honor-driven award!

Turn your existing iPad into your tool

The 3D Ortho Pro uses a structure scanner which can be added to an existing iPad for scanning patients' feet. The advanced model captures dense models with just one click!

Advanced 8sole interface

The 3D Ortho Pro interface has been designed to be easy and seamless for new patients. You can scan your foot in just minutes, see it on the screen with instructions of what level you're at along the way - then boom! Your done-you have a perfect orthopedic printout waiting patiently by its side so that all those important activities such as sports or work footwear fits comfortably again soon after receiving this service today

3D Printing Technology

We use the latest HP printing technology available today to design and print our 8soles and Raptor Masks for our partners across the UK.

From January 2021, all of our 3D printing is now done in the United Kingdom to help beat down costs and lead time.

High Quality Materials

With years worth of design and development, we have found a select number of materials used to make 8sole, so patients can a good variety to select from, which extends to its durability and overall quality.

Advanced Technology with Beautiful Design

We didn't sacrifice design when it came to the development of 8sole as the classic 'rib structure' of 8sole's insole was designed to enrich its look both inside and outside your shoes.

Foot insoles have never looked so good to place inside traditional trainers, casual shoes and more.

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