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Our Products

Delivering exceptional value to Orthotics

3D Ortho Products is the UK representative for Invent Medical’s products.


Owned and managed by clinical Orthotists with over 70 years combined experience, the management of 3D Ortho Products know and understand the complexities of seamlessly developing and delivering award winning products to clinicians for the benefit of their patients and clients.

As assessment, scanning, model development and 3D printing technologies advance, 3D Ortho Products is proud to be offering Invent Medical’s cutting edge products and services to UK orthotic prescribers.

Proud to be working with Invent Medical

We pride ourselves on being the most innovative supplier of Orthotics in the UK and constantly look to advance ourselves throughout every year to make sure we are delivering the best possible product every time.

Why partner with us?

3D Orthotic Products is working with Invent Medical, bringing world class 3D printed products to the UK

What we do

Clinical experience

We have 20+ Years in experience in 3D printing in O&P

Manufacturing experience

We have over 28 years worth of manufacturing experience in O&P

3D printing

We have 10 years in experience in 3D printing in O&P

UK market

Biggest supplier of cranial orthoses in Central Europe and the UK

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