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Introducing a new generation of personal foot orthotics.

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Our Products

Individually made for everyone

A new generation of 3D printed custom-made prescription foot orthotics that sets new standards in feet comfort, treatment, and pain relief. Forget about your feet fatigue. Walk, run, dance, simply just live instead.

Design Focused On Biomechanics

The load on your foot is 50% when you stand, up to 120% when you walk and more than 200% when you run.

The foot is not a rigid object. The biomechanics of the foots movement is actually very complex. Its function is to absorb the impact and provide support to your body.

8sole is designed with perfect knowledge of biomechanics. It is adjusted to your feet and lifestyle with unique custom ribbing and controlled thickness.




We fine-tuned the design for several years to increase the stability and pain relief.

Custom fit

Based on the diagnosis and 3D scan, 8sole is custom-made with corrective features just for you.


We chose an advanced cushioning to provide you the maximum level of comfort. You choose the style.

Quality guaranteed

We use high quality materials and smart design to guarantee the high durability of your foot orthotics.

8sole Benefits

8sole platform

Step-by-step instructions

8sole platform

Easy scan and configuration

8sole platform

Setup your patients unique profile

8sole platform

settings for you

8sole platform

Easy-to-use foot scanner

8sole platform

Seamlessly configure and order

Offer your patients 8Sole

Each 8Sole comes premium packed with the users tailor-made foot sole ready for them to use.

Easy to use interface

8sole scanner

Simply add our structure sensor to your iPad with our app to allow you to scan your patients foot.

Make any device your tool

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